Thursday, October 29, 2009

Farting away to glory!

I happened to chance upon a really great blog by a guy called chronicwriter.  He has put up some really funny stuff.  He has written one post about farting and i just had to share it with you guys.  I loved the pic of George Bush and Colin Powell and also the names he has coined for various types of farts.  Check it out:

It is indeed funny how we find the act of farting so embarrassing despite knowing that each and every person around us have also been farting all their lives.  Even the bloody topic is so taboo.  All this when it is one of the most natural acts in the world.  And not that we can help it.  When it has to come, it just has to come!  Wouldn't it be great if we could all stop getting so conscious and treat it like something as normal as, say, a hand gesture....  Imagine office meetings punctuated by people bending to one side in their chairs and letting it rip.  hahaha

In this stressful world, maybe it would even be therapeutic if we could learn to relax our buttocks and actually enjoy the act.  This could be a great way to let off some steam!

One of my friends in school had a nasty habit of holding out his hand and asking any nearby person to tug on his outstretched finger, and then letting go.  The person holding his finger would end up feeling so violated and would have to wash his hand a few times atleast!   :-)

Check out this clip, supposedly from a thermal imaging camera at some airport (dunno if it is authentic, but it sure fun to watch):

And completely besides the topic, check out this one too, quite nice:


Anonymous said...

Boozy, we've known each other for so long now and been through so many things.

I think it's time we take the friendship to the next level. Will you......fart in front of me?

Or behind or wherever.

But I think you may have on countless occasions given the amount of fart food we end up eating. Well, tell me next time. Actually, don't.

But so freakin' true this - probably the closest couples find the act of letting one rip in the other's presence uncomfortable. Won't matter if they've seen some really gross stuff courtesy the other person (e.g.: an unflushed turd).

I'm a huge fan of the silent killer. Stealth and results.

Vivek Rao said...

Dude, do we really want to take it to THAT level??? I mean, thats a one-way street! You cant get that close and still like each other!

And the way you've written "in front of me or behind me" people might get the wrong idea yaar! Have we ever done stuff which requires either of us to be behind the other?

Fart food, yeah thats the best kind! Thinkin about the looooong booze and fart food sessions we've had together over the years, i'm sure thousands of silent ones have been emitted under the tables!

Silent ones are good, sure, especially with the anonymity, but the loud ones give us an opportunity to be musical.

N said...

hehe ... so true. It is such an inalienable bodily function ... and yet cause to be embarassing!