Sunday, November 29, 2009

White house gate-crash

It gave me a lot of pleasure to read about the couple who gate-crashed the state dinner for our dear PM at the White House last week.  I cant help admiring the balls these two had to actually breeze through the layers of 'security' and mingle with biggies like the US Vice-P and the White House Chief of Staff.  The US security chiefs are repeatedly stating that Obama was not in danger at any time, but any of these two could have stuck a fork down his throat if they wanted to.

I am so tired of the millions of hollywood movies that portray all types of US security forces (CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Marines and whatnot) as the super-efficient and uber-cool tough men in designer suits and shades, running around, saving the world.  The superiority complex is of gigantic proportions.

But now the Salahi's have dented that image in such a nice way!  I was laughing all the time i read the news on different sites.  The Secret Service, responsible for protecting the US Prez, must be going bonkers, having urgent delta level secret meetings somehow trying to tide over this embarrassment.  hahaha

Can imagine some smart-ass senior giving a smart-ass speech: "Officers, we have had a security breach level 21.  Code RG054 (thats Roger-Gamma-Zero-Five-Four) has been violated.  Deploy 80 sections of our top commando's to further secure the White House perimeter.  Get all top agents to drop all cases and focus on the Salahi's.  We must establish their links with the Al Qaeda or the Hizbul.  America cannot be compromised.  This is the day we have been trained for.  We cannot let the world think that America can be breached or can be made fun of.  Gentlemen, we will prevail."   Loohoosers!!!!!

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quasibaba said...

:) hahaha. American and their 'American Lives' are so obnoxious. I have no connection with the news so its nice to get to hear this from you. Why dont you do a weekly funny-satire type thing on the last weeks funny topic? you are good at it. Let the humour roll - we are in desperate need of a better perspective to look at this world.

inglyz :)

Anonymous said...

"Independence Day 2: Revenge of the Gatecrashers" ;-)

It's just me, but I'd rather gatecrash some other party (don't need to elaborate which type).

But you know, this whole thing has added zing to an otherwise drab affair - I remember reading that Indian food was going to be served at the event to make the Indian PM feel comfortable. How exciting.

Economic policy over paneer tikka? Nah.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

hahaha :) Loved the last para.. :)

And you should consider Quasi's suggestion. I agree with him.

Archana Rao said...

hahah i also laughed so much when i read that news everywhere... i mean they should hav at least monitored that the news doesnt reach the media.

anyways the suggestion of you writing something funny everyweek is good. may be the beeps should start again. i miss the beeps!!!

start them again!!!!

N said...

interesting pick...
The guys even put up those pictures ... hehe.
Totally cool!

Vivek Rao said...

Weekly-something-funny...thats like a target with a deadline...pressure pressure...hehehe

Anytime we need some humor we should just look at the americans. From George Bush to Britney Spears, its a laugh riot out there. Obelix would have been tempted to say "these yankees are crazy!".... :-D

me said...

lol amazing! keep writing bro!

Unmesh said...

The "superiority complex" part is my favourite . .