Sunday, May 10, 2009


Have been down with a viral infection since yesterday. Bad body ache and fever....what a waste of a weekend. This thing seems to have spread quite widely this time. Lots of people in office are either suffering from it or are talking about their family members being down with flu symptoms.

Took the opportunity of being confined to bed to complete Season 1 of Prison Break, courtesy Surve (who was kind enough to download it; and who is down with a 103 fever btw...). Prison Break is highly recommended to anybody who hasn't seen it yet. It is bloody fantastic! Its like a good thriller movie, only that it is about 16 hours long (across 22 episodes). Good shit, as Bidrya would say.

2 chicks in Season 1; both immensely likeable! :-)


Archana Rao said...

heheheh u got viral??? stay away from idly pidly .....quarantine urself in a room full of books and tv and movies... .spend the weekend fruitfully lazing around....

get well soon:)

Vivek Rao said...

Problem is i've got such a bad headache that i cant read anything or see much of tv. And lazing around isn't much fun when u have fever. Yesterday i was so miserable that i would gladly have spent the whole day in office, healthy, rather than in bed, sick.