Monday, August 30, 2010

Scrambled: Vai and Chan - Part 2

proper south indian amma

they dont need their husbands

bhandardara trip: gettin cozy

bhandardara trip: all four of us

bhandardara trip: the morning after
this was after a heavy night of booze, teen patti,
singing & dancing by the bonfire

Chan / Chana / Kameeni / Archana is Y's better half.  Yes i did say "better half" chan!  Believe it!   I'm a nice person.  :-)))

Ever since Vai committed his biggest folly of pataaoing her in his first (gasp!) year of college, she's been the untiring shackle around his neck.  And thus she has managed to successfully domesticate (atleast partially) a hitherto un-tamable wildass.  And she had that one thing every man desperately looks for in a mate...a 2400 watt voicebox.  Vai lost 40% of his hearing capacity just in the first 3 months of their being together.

cuddling up in public places...
...but even in private it rarely goes beyond this, right chana???

When Y used to get her to my place to meet all of us, we had made up our minds that she was a complete stuck-up bi*ch!  Even after a couple of years of knowing her over 20-25 meetings, she just wouldn't speak to us.  She used to sit amongst us, staring straight ahead, with absolutely no emotion on her face, discouraging all attempts of conversation with her.  And Vai used to tell us that she was an absolute chatterbox when with him!

But slowly she started mixing a bit.  I think her hostel stint really helped her to open out.  And hidden inside that erstwhile unwelcoming exterior was this fabulous person.  Once we hit it off there was no lookin back.  And like any good friends, over the years we've rubbed off our corners against each other, and also become more and more like each other (i.e., she's become cool like us! hehe).

dubai sand-bashing
here Vai was really enjoying us feeling him up

ganapatipule trip

She swears like a guy and drinks like a fish.  The four of us have a glorious alcoholic history together.  My wife and she are almost les** partners (they say "love you" to each other much more than to their husbands).  I can talk about absolutely anything with her.  I can get angry with her and call her names...and come back the next day with a grin and a "hey bitch" to get a "you dog!" and a punch in return.  She's great.

looouuuuu you.....

She's been with Y for umpteen years now.  My bro always says she's perfect to keep Y grounded.  If he'd got a demure shy kinda wife, he would've become a playboy or a smuggler or hell something like that!  (actually Vai, that sounds really fun, you should have got out!!!!)  But its too late for that.  They have spent around 15 years together....50% of their lives.  Thats something.  I think the only regret she has is that he is much fairer than her!  hahahahaha

chana's attempts at getting fairer

whatta smile chan!

She's the friend i'm most in touch with.  Ever since i've been working, i've been exchanging daily emails with her during office hours.  Sometimes these have run into trails of 30-40 mails.  We've been doing this almost daily, right chan?  Many years now.

And so often when i'm having a really bad day at work, tired and frustrated, she's been make it worse!  She works in advertising, and leaves no opportunity to throw in my face titbits like going on official beer lunches, going to work in shorts and t-shirts, having belly dancers perform in office (yes, its true; all my banker friends, you can jump off your office buildings now), etc etc.  But she's a sport and sends across close-up photos of those belly dancers, and its all good again.

ppl who want the complete set of these photos
can write to me or chan...  :-)

chan, sorry for inserting these pics here
but after so many of your photos
i wanted to end with something nice!  :-)

I miss having her around as well.  Well, our ear-drums are really happy due to her absence, but they'll get used to her again if she's back.  So many people live by airports and railway lines, and somehow get numb to all those shrill whistles and noises.

Chan you bitch, you know rashmi and i love you like crazy.  Now stop smiling and remember to get me a Bowmore and a Laphroaig when you come down here.


Rashmi said...

yippeeee... these 2 scrambles were way overdue... vivek, you were supposed to write these such a long time back.. very well written, i must say.. and what pics chan.. i hadnt seen those belly dancer pics before.. how come you sent them to vivek n not me? ggrrrrrr...

Anyway, this scenario is close to the stuff that used to happen in my office.. i dont mean belly dancers in the offic.. but you guys know what i'm talkin bout..

& seriously, we all developed a hearing problem after chan settled down in the group and started talking... heee heeee... she really seemed so snobbish in the initial days, when she would just sit on the sofa in the hall at the campus house and give perfunctory smiles now & then.. :-) but we have come a loooonnngg way ... my darling ... looouuuu uuuuuu .... ;-)

Ashish said...

I so agree about the snobbish bit.

Would like to hear that voice though.

Minal said...

Nice:-))) I understand what you mean cause for me friends have been everything - more than family! And just as you have Y I've my friend S - Amit often wonders the same for us - if we tread on the other side:-0 LOL. My hubby the saint - is actually jealous of her and me cause we are a riot together!
God bless you 4 - I can see the love in the snaps:-))) And it's gr8 when spouses get along -cause if they don't it's worse and does not take long to drift apart Experienced that bit too!
Stay happpy like this always:-))

Vivek Rao said...

Thanks minal! :-)

One small correction. In our case there are no sawaaliya nishaan's on y and mera relationship. It is our wives who tread on the other side, and admit it! :-D

Each of us have known the other 3 for a minimum of 14 years now...

Archana Rao said...

Sorry I took too long to comment but i actually found it a little too difficult to come back to earth after reading all the nice things about me(since that doesnt happen soo often!!!)

To begin with I was never a bitch! I just took a little time to get to know people and start talking to them. When i met all you guys, you already had a group formed and I felt like a outsider! Also I didnt meet you guys often enough :)
Secondly I have a gifted voice. It is not Loud/Annoying or any such word. The word is GIFTED.
What do you mean by saying Y committed his first mistake by pataoing me?
I am soo happy dada thinks I am keeping Y grounded.
I do not abuse like guys!! Well I certainly do not drink like you guys also! One of you(y) gets high on one bottle of beer and the other one (vivek) drinks warm beer!!! I can never get over the fact that how can someone not have beer chilled?? I mean really HOW?????

Well on a more serious note Ive known Vivek and Rashmi for almost 14 years now.
My earliest memories of Vivek were Y telling me Vivek is my studious friend. About Rashmi I remember her singing all the time in the Ruparel college boy's canteen with her group of friends. That time I didnt know her so I used to think kya pagal ladki hai gaana gaati rehti hai in the canteen like one tape recorder!
With Vivek I can bitch about work, life, at the same time brag about beer lunches, belly dancers in office and sulk at the same time about a low paying advertising job as compared to his fancy pay package boring bankers job! Today I am glad Vivek has found the courage to figure out what he really wants to do in life! I just hope and pray he figures it out a really soon.
Rashmi my louuuuuuu, my girlfriend, my lesb**n partner, my gossip partner, my shopping partner, my java grind session partner, my cranberry breezer partner, my cosmetic booklet partner, my general girl talk partner. She has always been there for me through all difficult times and happy times. (though when she gets happy on one breezer its impossible to handle her but that's currently besides the point).
Both of them are excellent friends. They are always there when you need them and the best part is you dont need to tell them you need them, they figure it out! I remember one day I was just feeling very low and during our regular exchange of emails during the day Rashmi figured out I wasn’t normal and what followed was a 65 emails chain which changed my mood and we were ultimately discussing about collecting coins for playing poker in the bhandardara trip that weekend.
Well Vivek and Rashmi and the rest of the world thinks I never have work in office since I always respond to emails almost instantly! Its just that I manage my time well and hence have time for important people.
In short what began for me as my boyfriends friends have now become my best friends. Together we have had such amazing times together like the daaru sessions at kandivili during world cup 2006, the weekend trips, the juaa sessions, anniversary weekends out, watching friends and movies, the impromptu aaja daaru peene baithte hain kinda sessions, he terrace parties in suchidham, the new year ever parties, general hanging around in the house, sleepovers, late night daaru sessions and so many such amazing memories!
We pull each others leg all the time and it is a lot of fun! Like vivek keeps calling me Pimplegaonkar, I call Rashmi Hippo. I remember when Rashmi was expecting I kept telling Vivek how they were gonna have a daughter and how he used to freak out at that very thought! Its still fun to tell him that one day she will grow up, wear a tiny skirt and have a boy friend and probably move out of the house to have a live in relationship with him!! (its ok Vivek dont worry, the bucket is on the way!!!)
We have fought so many times, argued, but never felt the need to say sorry to each other because we know its FINE.
I am so glad that over the years nothing has changed. And I hope and pray nothing every changes. They are more than our bestesttttt friends.
They are FAMILY.

Archana Rao said...

@ashish: I never behaved like a snob with you! ( never with anyone else also)!! Remember alll those times when we pulled ur leg about your little adventures??

heheh yeah yeah even I know all your secrets :)

ohhh and about my gifted voice, I am just a call away! Give me your no and I shall bless you with my voice :)

Vivek Rao said...

Oh my God chana, whatta comment!!! Its a blog post in itself! And i can see that you have typed it up all passionately! hahaha Great, so the post worked on you!

Yeah, we do have so many amazing memories together. I touch wood, cross my fingers and pray to God that ye sab ko kisi ki nazar na lage.

Rashmi said...

seriously.. chan... you sound like Vivek sometimes, ask to comment and you write a loooonng blog post... hee heee ... but yes, you guys are a great big deal to us .... we really miss those general daaru sessions , while watching friends in our room at triveni. and do you remeber these bl**** bas*%^&$ cheated us into a bet and never paid up sayin we dint complete it ... when in fact we had.... blo****y cheaters...we should really make them pay up chan

Minal said...

@Archana: Boss you should've put up a blogpost yourself!:-))

Archana Rao said...

@minal: I would have but I dint want to steal Vivek's thunder! He has been thinking abt writing these 2 posts for over 2 yrs now :)

@rashmi: next time we should never hav any bets with these men! Kaminey log hamesha jhooth bolte hain! No more bets with these stupid men!

Archana Rao said...

@vivek: btw that pic of all 4 us where u mentioned the morning after is actually just after we landed in bhandardara! Just got into that cottage n started drinking! This is before the night of teen patti, bonfire etc etc....

Vivek Rao said...

@ Minal: you should ask chana and rashmi about this'll be interested in knowing the details!

@ Chan: kameeni be happy that i put them up na! i did it for you only, u kept asking about it every few days...

Oh, ok...we had reached there in late afternoon i think...yeah, you're right...