Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All down...

Sniff sniff. Spent the last 2 days in bed with a bad case of cold and throat infection, accompanied by burning in the eyes, headache, etc etc. Thankfully no fever though. Wife was down with similar symptoms from saturday to monday, but improved today. Mom also had cold, cough and tummy ache, so even she's feeling pretty low. Dad was alright till today and was managing Choti all alone, but even he has developed cold today. Choti gave us a scare today by vomiting thrice, but is much much better now.... :-)

I've recovered 50% by now; throat seems better but nose is flowing at the rate booze usually flows at our parties...no takers though! hehehe Feeling really tired bec of the persistent cold, but am not complaining too much; have been through worse shit.

Eyes are tired, desparately need sleep but my full and flowing nose is making sleep impossible. Have to get up every few minutes. So thought i'll post my woes here, and then continue reading Othello.


Anonymous said...

You mean the burning in the eyes, headache, etc. is not supposed to be regular?

Man, I better go see a doctor.

Vivek Rao said...

For you its normal dude; these symptoms can often be seen on the day following a late-night, multiple-pitcher-guzzling beer session. They are also accompanied by:
- a little man banging away on the inside of the head
- weird sounds coming from the tummy
- fizzy and bubbly pee

Anonymous said...

But here is the disturbing part - I get those symptoms even if I've not consumed alcohol.

So maybe I should have some daily in that case ;-)