Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sleepfully yours,

Its a frighteningly boring day at office today. Frightening because we just had a sales review meeting in the morning today, and the numbers were looking really bleak. So with an overcast mood on a bright sunny day, I returned to my desk with a resolve to get things moving. But seems like today is one of those days when you just cant help feeling lethargic no matter what you do. Haven't slept much last night, and am feeling damn sleepy. Tryin to stay awake by chatting with chana and typing this post.

I usually have great trouble fighting sleep during trainings and product presentations. Dunno what it is about these things, but i get instantly sleepy. And sometimes the speakers just drone on and on giving gyaan. I sleepily worry about getting caught, then imagine how the speaker must be gettin pissed seeing my glazed eyes and my intermittent and untimely nods and shakes, and then i get this unbearable urge to giggle. Though i snortle and choke over my suppressed laugh into momentary wakefulness, i'm in deeper shit by now as many eyes stare at me. Thankfully its not long before i'm half snoring again.

I'd written this during a ghastly presentation on some system integration, as a desperate attempt to stay awake:



i dunno what he's tellin me
at absolutely random moments
i nod my head all knowingly

eyes are heavy, sinkin fast
i force them open time to time
the murmers are now homogeneous
cant make out a single line

oops! did i just jerk awake?
how long was i jus nodding off?
the talking guy is starin hard
i nod rapidly, squirm and cough

its a losing battle; not bravely fought
sleep is a bitch with stealthy charms
may i stretch out 'tween the chairs for a while?
i'm desperate to throw down arms...

- Vivek Rao



Archana Rao said...

ill give u a tip on staying awake during such situations.... something i always do...
1. just look at the guy and draw stuff on ur notepad.... (i always do that... two advantages... one he thinks u r taking notes/ considering him worthy of writing down stuff he says... and two... at the end of it you always have a piece of art)
2. stare at him... keep staring at him/her for the first ten min... and booom... he will not look at u for the rest of the time...... bec he knows u r staring.. :)

but i think ur idea of writing poems/limericks is also just about fine...:)

Vivek Rao said...

thank you aunty!! :-)

Archana Rao said...

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dont u dare call me aunty... remember the secret no???

Aicha said...

Poet??????.........uhhhhhhhhh...... now i know 2 secrets about you!!!!;)))

This is a good one..... i think more practical and a one that many can relate to .......try mastering the art of sleeping with eyes wide open!!!..... will teach you that...i do that all the time!!!