Friday, November 12, 2010

9 more signs your partner wants a break up

I came across this article 5 signs your partner wants a break up and thought hey, this list could be endless!  So i sat and came up with these 9 signs for women that their boyfriend wants to breakup.  Please note that i've never had any boyfriends, nor have they ever broken off with me.

So ladies, you might get the hint that your boyfriend wants a break up when:

1. You wear a skimpy sexy outfit for him and he wants to play count the stretch marks

2. He spends an hour in the loo with his laptop and a hand cream, comes out with a satisfied smile on his face, and promptly goes off to sleep

3. He talks in graphic detail about the most satisfactory dump he just the middle of you seducing him

4. He takes you to bangkok for a business trip, plonks you in a hotel, disappears everyday and returns exhausted, smelling of different massage oils and soaps

5. You cuddle up and ask him what future he sees for them, and he immediately launches into a detailed analysis of The Terminator and The Matrix series

6. When you hint that you are ovulating, he promptly rents movies like The Omen, Problem Child, The Bad Seed, Kids, Carrie and The Other

Its definitely over when:

7. While on a vacation, he calls for room service and lovingly pats the male waiters rear while giving him a tip, muttering something like "hmmm...juicy!"

But you know you are in serious trouble when:

8. He tries to convince you into going deep sea diving with him, despite knowing that you cant swim, saying forty feet of water never hurt anyone


9. When he plans an ocean cruise with you and the next day you find a little black doll with your name written on it submerged in a jar of water hidden deep inside his closet

I'm sure you guys can contribute many more!


Rashmi said...

hmm.. quite insightful... ;-)

Harish P I said...

hahaha.. superb

Nona said...

:D Is this from your own experience?

Vivek Rao said...

@ Rashmi / Harish: Thanks!

@ Nona: Unfortunately i haven't had those many girlfriends to have break-ups with!

Like you, i also belong to the generation where professional occupations being considered while in college were all the typical ones.

Nowdays with super specializations and consultants/therapists for almost everything under the sun, the new generation should give the "breakup specialist" a serious thought. Atleast the preparation for it is bound to be fun!

Archana Rao said...


Can't stop laughing!!!

N said...

heheheheh hilarious ... the 9th is the best.

Vivek Rao said...

@ chan / enbiem: thanks!